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Buying a mattress is a nightmare!

Been looking for a mattress lately? By George! What an absolute mess that is.

I can’t decide for one minute if I like those uber-cool trendy Nectar mattresses, or hate them.

Choosing the ‘right’ mattress can be an exhausting task, and one many people dread. Most of us try to replace our mattresses every 10 years, as per the general recommendations.

That is, in itself kind of the problem though when it comes to selecting a new one. If you are going to sleep on it every day for 10 years, then you want it to be the right mattress.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a mattress, meaning it can be very hard to even come up with a short list, never mind decide on the final selection.

Everyone has different preferences, but it will obviously help your selection if your preferences are in-line with your partners. It really isn’t helped by the fact that brands like Leesa no longer sell their mattresses in the UK (or wider Europe…), so now we have seemingly less choice, but this is a mixed blessing.

Trendy, but expensive

How to pick your mattress type (and bed type)

Okay so the basics. Firstly, one really important question to consider is how much you and your partner move around during the night. If for example, your partner tosses and turns all night and you buy a sprung mattress, you could feel as if you are being bounced out of bed. With a memory foam mattress however, you barely notice the other person moving.

We moved away from sprung mattresses a few years ago and buy memory foam mattresses for all the beds these days. They seem to be really durable, hypoallergenic and very comfortable.

They are also great for parents with small children who are constantly playing musical beds, mums breastfeeding through the night and so on, as when you move about you don’t disturb the other person.

So which one did I buy? In the end, I opted for the Nectar mattress (original) in Double. It costs £599.


Well, one, the quality is superb. I always think with small children it’s best to always use a good quality mattress protector. All it takes it for a child to be a bit sick in the bed and the mattress would be ruined. So invest in a quality protective cover to make sure your mattress lasts the recommended amount of time.

The depth of this mattress is ideal for a standard fitted sheet, meaning you aren’t trying to stretch the sheet on, or equally that you aren’t left with lots of spare fabric once the bed is made.




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