About Me

Hi, I’m Beverly, mum to three little heros and creator of things for kids and adults.

I like arts and crafts, Kirsty Allsopp is my hero! Also: making things, peeling my children off my head (you do that as well, right?!) and wine. My children like getting untidy, playing with sticks and being somewhat uproarious. My child is six (conceived December 2010) and can regularly be found in his Batman equip, his more youthful sister is an insane yet adorable four year old (conceived October 2013) who got herself a Robin furnish through Amazon and wears it a great deal. Genuine story, don’t give your children a chance to play with your Ipad. We live in Dirset, England having moved from London (The Big Smoke!) in the late spring of 2014 and I am likewise a giver for Day Out With The Kids.

The artworks on here are things that my children truly appreciate doing and ideally they’re things your children will like as well. It’s all reasonable and achievable, so if something resembles it’s been made by a two year old, blunder, that is most likely on the grounds that it was!