Advantages of being a Twin
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Advantages of being a Twin

Not long ago, we heard from some people about the disadvantages of being a twin. So it’s only fair that we try and level the playing field by letting you know the advantages. Here are some of the great things about being a twin, from one of the most reliable sources – a set of twins!

1.When shopping, if the garments look extraordinary on your twin, you know they’ll look awesome on you too.

2. You can share garments on the off chance that you are a similar stature and weight.

3. You can exchange places with your twin, and even take every others tests.

4. You can send your twin to do the messy work for you, such as saying a final farewell to your better half/sweetheart.

5. Play traps on your companions, family, or instructors. You can trick with individuals and influence them to think they are seeing twofold. You can even trap individuals into supposing you are your twin…its like April Fool’s regular!

6. You can wed twins, which would be truly strange, however really cool also.

7. Having a closest companion forever and sharing your most profound privileged insights. You can simply depend on and trust them. Regardless, they are dependably there to converse with you at whatever point you feel down or forlorn.

8. You don’t need to spruce up for twin day at school, since you are as of now a twin.

9.You most likely won’t need to stress over losing a notoriety challenge, since everyone likes twins! Twins are cool!