My Cheap and Easy (Free) DIY Smartphone Volume Boosters!

This is one for the dads – I am sure my ex-hubby could not do this, but many men are not useless (apparently!). No I jest, of course not , but I am giving this Craft today 8/10 for hardness. Please bear this in mind before starting it, if you are having a stressed out day and those photos on Facebook of that woman you secretly are very jealous of with the perfect life have just ruined your day then do NOT do this. Wait until tomorrow 🙂

A quick search on Google will bring up countless ways to make DIY speakers (or volume boosting amps) for a smartphone. From a paper cup to a glass jar, nearly all of these will give you some extra volume, but which ones work best? We decided to test out a few of the most popular tricks.

To test the volume, we’re using the not-entirely-scientific iPad app Decibel Meter Pro to check sound levels from an iPhone 4S’s speaker. We’ll also use the same song for each method, The Beatles “Helter Skelter” since it starts out nice and loud with the peak around the 12 second mark. Each different amp had its sound directed at the iPad as best as possible.

It is momentous exactly the amount of a distinction this basic DIY telephone speaker and stand makes. It guaranteed that we could all hear the music. It was likewise a fab method to find out about sound waves, so yes we investigated the study of sound as well. It is turning a genuinely decent speaker (on the base of the telephone) into a directional radio wire. It is “pointing” the sound towards the audience as opposed to the base of the table.

  1. Take your telephone and follow around the base on the latrine roll. In the event that you have a bigger telephone or need to do this for a tablet then you could utilise a kitchen move tube.
  2. Cut out the opening. We thought that it was less demanding to influence the underlying slice with the art to cut before utilising scissors.
  3. Again we thought that it was less demanding to influence the underlying slices with the art to cut before utilising a little match of scissors.


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