My Thoughts

Why twins are super special!

A day to celebrate the cleverness of the human body to create two little beings. Whether they are identical and your egg miraculously split, or non-identical and you fired out two little eggs that month and your hubby’s super sperm managed to fertilised them both, or that they were created through the brilliance of IVF and you have managed to grow two beautiful beings after a long wait and massive ordeal of hospital appointments and hormone treatment, twins are just a blessing and incredibly special!

Here are my top reasons why I find my two little twins super special!

A baby Each!

I still remember the in jest bickers after I had my first-born as to whose turn it was to hold the baby. My husband and I were so besotted that we both want to hold him all the time. So when the twins were born we were delighted to be able to get one each, and swap!

Two in a bed

It still melts me now that at even two and half I will often go up to check on the twins at night and find them in the same bed all cuddled up together but still top and tail, just how they were inside me. It makes the hair on my arms stand on end, and my heart thump that bit harder. I know there will be a point where we have to discourage this, but not yet!

Twin Celebrity

I love getting stopped and chatted to. I will never get upset that people want to compliment my children and marvel at their brilliance. As a biased Mummy of course I think they are great. With twins I am always late anyway, so have come to the conclusion that five more minutes will not make the slightest bit of difference if someone holds me up to say nice things about them.

Double presents

I am such a big kid so birthday’s for the twins are brilliant as I get to help them open double the quantity but of course for my birthday it is an automatic two presents and of course for Mother’s Day too! Bonus!